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Tsehai Conference
Written by Elias Wondimu   
Monday, 12 March 2007
Tsehai Conferences bring together individuals and groups from different regions of the world for exchange of ideas that could promote understanding and solution to problems.

As its sister journal, the International Journal of Ethiopian Studies, the purpose of Tsehai Conference is to foster research and reflection on Ethiopia’s social, economic, political and cultural issues, and to contribute to the intellectual ferment necessary for liberating the creative vision and knowledge that Ethiopia needs for developing a democratic, prosperous and dynamic society. In pursuit of this purpose, Tsehai Conferences will be a non-partisan forum, committed to giving fair coverage to differing approaches and views, and is open to all Ethiopian scholars and Ethiopianists. It will host panels, debates, lectures, and presentations from various sectors of our community. It serves as a world-wide venue for sharing and cross-fertilization of ideas and research findings to Ethiopians, Ethiopianists and Africanists in general.

Tsehai Conferences hosts a broad range of topics related to Ethiopian political, economic, social, and cultural affairs. The Conference is designed to focus broadly on the critical understanding of current and emerging issues and problems affecting Ethiopian society. It will draw upon the vast expertise of Ethiopian and Ethiopianist scholars, researchers, artists, educators, historians, social scientists, journalists, authors and writers. The format is designed to engage its audience with ease. By providing an open forum, the Tsehai Conferences are aimed at promoting the development of democratic values and institutions, social justice, tolerance, fairness, and the rule of law in Ethiopian society and among the Ethiopian Diaspora.

For national issues, business dealings, professional development or higher education matters, Tsehai Conferences provide forum for true networking. Please join us if you like a lively debate, educational dialogue, or meet people with different perspective.

Elias Wondimu
Last Updated ( Saturday, 11 August 2007 )

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  • Addis Adugna, Ethiopian Heritage Foundation
  • Alemayehu Gebremariam, Cal State San Bernardino
  • Alem Hailu, Howard University
  • Ayele Bekerie, Cornell University
  • Maimire Mennasemay, Dawson College
  • Pietro Toggia, Kutztown University
  • Worku Negash, Mission College

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